3D Printing Service Bangalore – 5 Best companies to try

3D Printing Service Bangalore – 5 Best companies to try

Bangalore is a buzzing metropolitan city, so it’s no surprise that it is up-to-date on its technological advancements. Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) is something that is paving its path from place to place and has changed the Bangalore technological world forever. Chizel (a mainstay in the 3D Printing service Bangalore fraternity) had hosted an event in Bangalore at the InMobi Campus to inculcate a sense of understanding of the process and prowess of Additive Manufacturing, and the future of 3D printing and how it will evolve over the years. 3D Printing Service Bangalore - Image 1

The discussion of how Additive manufacturing can be utilized as a mode for mass production was an integral part of the discussion. Both, the benefits of using it for mass production and the reasons why it is not currently being used were elaborately discussed. Thanks to the several registrations online, applications and websites, some basic knowledge of the technology was already imparted. The market is there, all that is required is to create the desire. The best part of using 3D Printing technology is that it enables a personal touch to each product, customized to each individual’s need, something unique for every person. This, however, was common knowledge to all. The audience was more interested in knowing how 3D printing can be used beyond prototyping; what new materials are coming into the market; what are the underlying challenges and market opportunities.

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They soon uncovered new updates on the technology — currently, 3D printers can print using 100+ different materials, and big and medium-sized companies are already exploring 3D printers to improve their operations. Bespoke creations, along with the ability to easily design your products, with a parametric system and distributed manufacturing in areas where regular manufacturing is not possible is the future of 3D printing in India. The priority is material engineering, while equipment support has to be pursued more seriously.

With the help of a chosen few companies as examples for 3D Printing service Bangalore, the audience soon grew to learn what the 3D Printing scene in the city is. The following are the aforementioned example companies:

3D Printing Service Bangalore : 5 Best companies to try

  1. 3D Printing Service Bangalore : Chizel
    First and foremost, Chizel. Besides the usual, a few highlighted activities that Chizel provides include proactive communication, using more than 25 types of varied materials, an in-house design team to ensure manufacturability of every feature under controlled tolerances right at design phase and also express delivery options makes them the best of the lot that Bangalore has.

    3D Printing Service Bangalore - Image 3 - COCO
    COCO’s interface

    The latest highlight in the 3D Printing space in India is Chizel’s tech. Platform – COCO. Chizel Online Customer Order (COCO) is India’s first digital manufacturing platform. It’s a one stop solution for all your 3D Printing needs. A user simply has to login, upload the 3D CAD files and he’ll get real time costings and timelines at the click of a button. It’s like an e-commerce for manufacturing. The platform houses a plethora of material options along with the relevant post-processing techniques.

  2. 3D Printing Service Bangalore : Altem Technologies
    Altem Technologies, the leading partners for Stratasys and SLM in India, brings you the ability to take your 3D CAD designs from the CAD screen to a realistic part in-hand with the 3D printing process. Fit and form models, print assembly parts, manufacture production tools on the fly and even produce a small batch of production parts – these are some of the applications of 3D Printing that Stratasys offers today. This is all made possible with the 3D Printing technology that Altem offers with an unrivaled range of consumable material option like 3D Printer Filament and 3D Printer Resins for Stratasys 3D printers in India.
  3. 3D Printing Service Bangalore : Intech DMLS Pvt. Ltd.
    Backed by meticulous analysis, dedicated machine shop, post processing facility and extremely competent quality control services, they are very well poised to offer an end-to-end service in the Additive Manufacturing space. Additive Manufacturing, using DMLS, assists in offering the highest flexibility to manufacture complex structures, which are extremely challenging to build in a conventional manufacturing process. The other advantages include reduced time to market, elimination of tooling, weight reductions and intricate internal channels, which eventually help reduce costs.
  4. 3D Printing Service Bangalore : Think3D
    Think3D is one of the largest 3D printer store in Bangalore. It not only provides 3D printers, its filament and other parts, but it also provides rapid prototyping services. It also has pre-surgical models, custom prosthetic, miniature scale models and much more.
  5. 3D Printing Service Bangalore : 3Digiprints
    3DigiPrints empowers the registered users to select the best 3D printing service and 3D printing equipments made available by using a unique fully integrated portal linked to a production facility. It provides complete tutorial for people who need education about 3D printing, creating a 3D printable design, installing and running a 3D, troubleshooting and maintaining a 3D printer.
3D Printing Service Bangalore - 5 Best companies to try
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3D Printing Service Bangalore - 5 Best companies to try
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