5 Best 3D Design Softwares for Painless 3D Printing

To manufacture using 3D Printing, you need to first and foremost have a printable design. You may then customize, and play with the gamut of complexities of design, and the software may serve several different functions- from modelling to sculpting to customizing. With the various technical abilities that modern 3D… Continue reading

12 Best things to 3D Print as a Beginner!

You know what the best thing about 3D printing is? It gives you the tools to ideate and create an object. There must be numerous objects which you might have used or must be using and felt that you could have designed them better. Well, now you can go ahead… Continue reading

How much does it cost to 3D print a cup?

It was reinforced into our brains that 3D printing technology is ‘economical mass manufacturing’ tool and a splendid technology that can be used by startups to integrate with a creative idea. But do you really think it is economical when it is not used for ‘mass production use’ and merely… Continue reading

3D Printing for Beginners : Decoding 3D Printing

3D Printing for beginners series is our way of decoding the 3D Printing technology in the most simplistic way for you to learn and explore the basics of 3D Printing processes and the types of printing materials available.  We all have heard about 3D Printing and how this technology is… Continue reading