3D Printed Heart soon to be available for Implant

3D printing is making great inroads in the field of medicine, from customized and low cost prosthetics to realistic anatomical models used for preparation of surgery, it is finding wide applicability in medical sciences. But the most ambitious goal that scientists, doctors, and biomedical engineers have set before themselves is… Continue reading

Saving a Child’s life with 3D Printed Kidney

People seek to extract the greatest benefit out of technology, continuously adapting it to their needs. And any technology that allows people to unleash their creative potential and ingenuity is here to stay. 3D Printing technology offers that possibility. It has shown such tremendous versatility that people from every profession… Continue reading

3D Printing Human tissue in action with hyper precision

About a few years ago, if you would have presented to someone an idea that human tissues could be 3D Printed, they would have had you tested for lunacy. But fast forward to this day, and the same lunatic could now be hailed as a visionary. Today, we may have… Continue reading