12 Best things to 3D Print as a Beginner!

You know what the best thing about 3D printing is? It gives you the tools to ideate and create an object. There must be numerous objects which you might have used or must be using and felt that you could have designed them better. Well, now you can go ahead and actually do it. You can witness your imagination coming to reality layer by layer. 3D printing is the next revolution – a disruption in design and manufacturing. So if you can lay your hands on a 3D printer, here are the best things to 3D print:

    Admit it, you always wanted a downsized version of yourself or an entourage of your favorite fictional characters. Well, now you can! Thanks to 3D Printing.
    best things to 3D print - miniature figures best things to 3D print - miniature figures - 1
    The ubiquitous smartphone has also become an extension of their personality for some. So if you are one of those who want to give your phone an exclusive, unique look then go ahead and 3D print one for yourself. We at Chizel will be more than happy to help you in doing so!
    best things to 3D print - phone case - 1 best things to 3D print - phone case - 2
    Light up your room with your own design. It is a great way to give a nice ambiance to your house or office space. Now you don’t have to wander through shops to find the perfect shade.

    best things to 3D print - 1
    Courtesy: i.materialise
    Wouldn’t it be exciting if, instead of the king, you could move Darth Vader across the board and have a Stormtrooper for a pawn!? This was the best thing to 3D print that I could think of!
    best things to 3D print - chess
    Courtesy: theawesomer.com

    It can be a nice way to spice up your table top. And a welcome distraction for anyone who sits in front of you.
    best things to 3D print - pen holder
    Courtesy: Thingiverse

    Ladies, this one is for you! Women can now bring out their inner fashion designer by 3D printing loads of stuff. Give yourself a unique look and put on a 3D printed locket, bracelet, earrings or any other accessory that you desire. After all, the best things to 3D print for women have to be the ones that can make heads turn.
    best things to 3D print - jewellery
    Courtesy: Proddesigns.com


    In order to design the best things to 3D Print, one also has to understand the basics of this technology and the materials it caters to. Hence, we have written an article addressing the same: Explore The Basics of 3D Printing, its technologies and materials.


    Liven up your kitchen with colorful containers and unconventional designs customized to your needs.
    best things to 3D print - bowls and containers
    Courtesy: Pinshape.com
    This one is for the bibliophiles. You will be more eager than ever to return to your book. Design one for every book based on its story and capture its essence in your own way.
    Courtesy: Pinterest
    I guess it’s safe to say that, this will make life a lot easier for all of us. It’s a nightmare when you struggle to unravel those wires. But now you can breathe a sigh of relief and 3D print an earphone holder for yourself and make it as unique as you wish.
    Courtesy: Thingiverse
    Flaunt a 3D printed quirky keychain. You could also demark a keychain based on its application so that next time you do not make a mistake of having brought the wrong one.
    Courtesy: Pinshape
    Now flaunt your unique and well-designed business cards whilst you attend that “event” or roam around in your circles. You could even personalize them to suit your taste.
    Courtesy: Shapeways
  12. MASKS
    This could be a great way to bring zing to the next Halloween or Comic con. With 3D printing, you will be able to create really detailed and realistic face masks.
    Courtesy: Digitaltrends.com
    With 3D printing the possibilities are endless. The best things to 3D print are the best things you can come up with. So ideate and we, at Chizel, will bring your ideas to fruition.
    Have an idea? Get in touch with us: support@chizel.io
12 Best things to 3D Print as a Beginner - Chizel
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12 Best things to 3D Print as a Beginner - Chizel
You know what the best thing about 3D printing is? It gives you the tools to ideate and create an object. Read more about the 12 Best things to 3D Print as a Beginner!
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