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Best 3D Printing Material For Gifting!

Irrespective of it being a special occasion or a normal day, gifting your loved ones is a special way to show your love and affection towards them. You go to shops, gift centres, and even search online for a variety of gifts.

But, don’t you think finding that impeccable gift is very rare and difficult?

Be it an anniversary gift or a birthday gift we always wander about in search of that exclusive one.

What if you could design your gift and later manufacture & make it?

A real physical gift in your hand. Just the way you wanted!

Wouldn’t that be something?!

This article is all about that.

How to personalise your gifts & which material should you use? Keeping on reading to find the answer.

Personalizing your gift with 3D Printing:

Those who know about 3D Printing are well-aware about its capability to print anything according to the given specifications. Get your 3D printed gifts easily customized for that amazing personal touch and feel it in your hands within a matter of hours.

Just knowing the processes involved in 3D modelling can help you design a completely new Christmas or wedding gift be it from scratch or from something valuable. Even if you are not experienced in 3D modelling there are numerous online sites that can create your customized gifts almost instantaneously.

Purchasing or downloading a 3D model has its perks as you can manufacture them as they are or conform them to your requirements. You just have to modify the model using 3D software or get it personalized after transferring it to an online 3D printing website. You can download the files from thingiverse, traceparts & also from Autodesk.

Once you have your design ready, It can be anything from a spaceship to a small keychain. You can upload it in & see the cost and appearance of it in real-view in our 3D Viewer and the feasibility of the part along with the costing details and break-down. So you know exactly how much will the gift cost and also you can visualise it in 3D. So far everything you have done is free. No money needed whatsoever. Give it a try.

Let’s now talk about 3D Printing Processes & Materials!

One such 3D Printing process that does justice to the gifting segment is the Polyjet process. Polyjet Technology and its usability in gifting Polyjet Technology is a famous 3D Printing process used for modelling and prototyping applications. Polyjet Technology makes use of photopolymer resins that are available in several compositions. It is among the only two 3D Printing technologies that can directly print a particular color on a 3D printed part.

It also has the capability to print numerous parts simultaneously with variations from hard to flexible ones.

In Polyjet technology subtle print-head nozzles are used for the accumulation of photocurable liquid material on the surface of build trays in the form of layers. These deposited layers have the size of nearly 16 µm (An average human hair has a dia. of 75 µm) that helps in creating minute 3D parts. The material deposited is cured with UV light simultaneously.

With this technology, you can create 3D Printed parts with phenomenal details, accuracy, and surface smoothness. This technology can print a five-inch cube within a maximum of 2 hours. Just imagine how fast you can get a wedding gift done! In addition, 3D printing a part with Polyjet technology removes the chances of noticeable layer lines in smooth and precise 3D printed parts. Be it a complicated pattern or a simpler one, Polyjet technology is one of the best 3D Printing Technology thanks to its speed, accuracy, and economic value.

Moreover, it is an outstanding 3D printing method to print parts with varied colors. So, you have the flexibility to print the birthday or Christmas gift by experimenting with colors. Even patterns can be made on your 3D printed gift that are of different structures and colors.

Let us now move on to discovering the best 3D Printing material for Gifting.

In this context, we would like to mention that Ultra Detail Plastic material is an excellent choice for creating various 3D printed gifts. Let’s delve more into it. Best material for 3D printed gifts – Ultra Detail Plastic material The outcome of creating 3D printed gifts with this Ultra Detail Plastic material is that, the product that has an exceptionally smooth surface that can be made completely transparent with further polishing. Irrespective of you being a beginner or a professional 3D Printing designer you will have a fruitful advantage with the Ultra Detail Plastic material as you can go for varied designs with this.

This material allows you to create numerous design volumes with minute details on the surface. It is thus the best 3D Printing material to create 3D printed human figurines. These can be perfect wedding gifts as you can easily capture a moment and then create a physical model out of it, which can be kept as a table-top souvenir model in your house. Or capture a moment like playing cricket, say, and then gift it to you passionate cricket friend.

You just have to initially create a 3D model or download one and then Upload it to Chizel’s Cloud manufacturing platform. 

Thus the Ultra Detail Plastic material is the best one to create 3D printed gifts and marvellous 3D printed human figurines thanks to its multi-color capability and precision.

And, what’s more interesting? The 3D printed model will be delivered to your doorstep within 4-5 days.

So, what are you waiting for? Start creating a 3D model and accessorize it with the Ultra Detail Plastic material and its vibrant colors to gift an amazing customized piece to your loved ones.

View Gift Ideas From Thingiverse


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