From Avocation to Profession, meet 3D Printing Prop Artist – @TheBrokenNerd83

“Wait a minute, TheBrokenNerd?”@TheBrokenNerd83
Yeah, you heard that right. Meet Darrell Maloney, popularly known as “THE BROKEN NERD”
Darrell is a 34 year old Virginia born American currently living in New York. After completing his medical administration studies he worked as Policy and Procedure specialist. 2017 was the year when he stumbled upon 3D Printing. The technology instantly took him back to his childhood longings for superhero characters. Every one of us can reminisce days of our lives when super heroes and comics were the only topic of conversation we had. With no technical background of engineering, Darrell start his journey — filled with passion — towards art, 3D Printing, and props.

“3D Printing felt like a dream come true. The feeling of making things on your own and holding them in your hand, it’s priceless. ”


He started tinkering with his very first 3D Printer “Mono Price”. It came with a decent bed size for starting up. After a few iterations, he got hold of the basic operations of the machine. FDM printers worked great for his expectations that allowed him to make the entire part in a single piece which of course saved a lot of pain that went in assembling the parts together. Darrell also spent reasonable time learning CAD Modelling on his own. With no precursor in mind, he was able to explore CAD without any restrictions. Darrell has spent his time learning different finishing techniques on PLA-based material. Something that comes only with experience. Combining CAD Modelling, 3D Printing and excellent finishing operations, TheBrokenNerd became a trending name among prop artists.
Currently he is using four FDM 3D printers that include Creality CR10 which has a bed size of 400 x 300 x 300 mm and BQ which has a bed size of 100 x 100 x 150 mm.
Time to Experience the @TheBrokenNerd83 art page.

Infinity Gauntlet

Watch Full Making of Huge 3D Printed Infinity Gauntlet


Watch Full Making of 3D Printed Red Hood Helmet

The Killmonger Spear

Watch Full Making of 3D Printed Killmonger spear

Every sensational story starts small. Darrell’s goal was to simply share his experiences and learnings of making high detailed props through a Youtube Channel. After spending almost a month to come up with his first prop and video, he is now finishing projects from start to finish within 10 days.
His next target is to get through Hollywood industry and contribute in set design and prop fabrication. And that is surely not too distant in the future. Stay tuned to get further updates on his next big project COMING OUT in April 2018.
Subscribe to his Youtube Channel and Twitter Handle to channel to stay tuned.

“I have recently touched 3000 Youtube subscribers and it is an amazing feeling. It is like you find the like minded people who believe in what you do and truly appreciate my efforts”

Courtesy to @TheBrokenNerd83 for story and images.

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