3D Printing for Beginners Series

3D Printing for Beginners : Decoding 3D Printing

3D Printing for beginners series is our way of decoding the 3D Printing technology in the most simplistic way for you to learn and explore


Learn how to use COCO in 5 simple steps

Chizel’s Online Customer Order (COCO) is India’s first smart digital manufacturing platform aimed at making 3D Printing simplified, convenient and accessible to the masses. COCO


What is Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) Cost?

Cost in 3D Printing is a major factor influencing people’s decision in opting for a particular material. Like conventional technologies, 3D Printing cost also depends

Accelerated Manufacturing

Manufacturing plastic and metal parts in small volumes is difficult. But ensuring good quality, and achieving repeatability while keeping costs down is even more difficult. We help you with both!

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