Design Guidelines for Embossing & Engraving features in 3D Printing

embossing & engraving

Embossing & Engraving Done Right In 3D Printing

Embossing & engraving features are done on parts to demarcate them from the rest. At times to convey important information related to the part geometry, and sometimes to give the parts a personal touch.
A bad embossing/engraving can lead to a part that looks shabby. Thus, getting the right thickness and depth is the key. These features are highly subjective as some may prefer a thicker demarcation, while some may prefer a subtle one, and hence it becomes tricky to standardize and quantify them.
In an attempt to draw a fine line between the legible and the illegible, we have tried to draw some consensus about what the minimum dimensions should be for a clear readable text.
Distinction between Font types

When you opt for fonts like Times New Roman, which have a variable strand thickness throughout the letter geometry, the thickness at places dips well below the threshold of what’s printable by a 3d Printer. Thus, preferably, fonts having variable thicknesses should be avoided.

Engraving with Arial font type Embossing with Arial font type We recommend fonts like Arial, Gothic etc., where the strand width of each letter is constant throughout the letter geometry as compared to the likes of Times New Roman.
For a clear legible text, we recommend the embossing height and engraving depth of at least 0.5mm. The letter width (strand width) should be at least 0.6mm.
embossed & engraved features
The word Chizel embossed (0.5mm) in Gothic font

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