GIFLIF and its first SLS process encounter

The Great Indian Film and Literature Festival #GIFLIF, is WORLD’s FIRST FILM AND LITERATURE FESTIVAL. For the first time books, films, plays, music, poetry, eminent personalities have come up on a shared platform. After almost 24 months of content work, research and network building, WORLD’s FIRST “FILM AND LITERATURE FESTIVAL” was brought to life. The Great Indian Film and Literature Festival (GIFLIF), was launched in December 2015. It is for the first time that films are being screened on the same platform where books are being read, Kavi sammelan being conducted on the same stage as spoken work poetry and music concerts held along with plays. #GIFLIF is a blend of art, craft and culture. Inceptions of SBI Card GIFLIF find its resonance with the vast majority of audience, expressing their solace in Films and Literature. The two points converge to create synergy, which is unparalleled and creates an impact that captivates mind and soul.

3d printed Awards - SLS Process - Chizel Prints

3d printed Awards 3 - SLS Process - Chizel Prints


MICE Industry is an acronym that stands for Meetings, Incentives, Conferences and Events Industry. MICE Industry is one vertical where lots of hopes & expectations are committed to sponsors and attendees. The marketing team manages to pull out a huge budget for the 2-3 day extravaganza. An important part of an event is to get visibility to the sponsors, and make the participants content in order to make the event successful. What essentially stays with the participants are the souvenirs and awards that act as a remembrance till the end of time. This is a major asset of any MICE Industry.


Imagine a souvenir that embodies the event, sets the brand for sponsors, and connects individually with the participants! This was the challenge faced by GIFLIF, initially. From concept to end product, unbelievably, in just a month. In GIFLIF, with numerous protagonists including Mr. Piyush Mishra & Mr. Subhash Ghai embellishing the event, organizers were really very particular to mark the sanctity of this 3 day event in souvenirs.

3d printed Awards 1 - SLS Process - Chizel Prints


The project was practically initiated 25 days before the event. Mr. Gauresh R. Khanolkar, Chief Designer for GIFLIF Souvenirs, came up with a concept to reflect GIFLIF’s brand logo, sponsors’ keywords and gist of the event embodying the structure of souvenir. After successive iterations, designs got finalized within 10 working days and they were ready to get 3D printed. To ensure that 50 souvenirs with three different types of designs get printed rapidly within a week, the engineering team at Chizel decided to use Selective laser sintering (SLS) process, one of the most successful and archaic 3D printing technology. All the parts were distributed in three separate batches and were optimally oriented to ensure minimum manufacturing time and material consumption.

3d printed Awards 2 - SLS Process - Chizel Prints
Within the next 5 working days, souvenirs were standing tall with high level of detailing, impossible to achieve by any other manufacturing technology. With 3D printing, the team was able to achieve concept to end product within 21 days. The souvenirs were priced exactly at the market rate hence giving a huge brand exposure to the organizers and sponsors without any additional expense.

Were they satisfied?

Karan Kukreja, the founder and director of GIFLIFE - SLS Process - Chizel PrintsLet’s see what Mr. Karan Kukreja, the founder and director of GIFLIF had to say,

“For film festivals, awards and souvenirs are very emotionally connected because of art form involved. Chizel team has beautifully customized souvenirs with beautiful detailing. Happy to receive first 3D printed souvenirs of India.”

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GIFLIF and its first SLS process encounter
Read the 3d printing case study of GIFLIF and its first SLS process encounter through Chizel Prints 3d printing with Selective Laser Sintering Process.
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