Online 3D Printing service : A way to ensure better quality

Online 3d printing service

3D Printing opportunities have evolved and grown exponentially over the recent years, leading to an endless range of possibilities a component can be manufactured in. However, simply deciding what you want to manufacture isn’t the end of the journey. Each and every 3D printer only caters to a limited amount of materials, leaving the consumer with a paltry of choices. Since it is infeasible to invest in each kind of printer, most companies tend to offer a meagre range of options as opposed to ample possibilities that an Online 3D Printing service provider can cater to. Let’s see why an Online 3D Printing service bureau is important:

  1. Advanced Equipment and Materials:

    Every consumer who is using 3D Printing is aware of the flexibilities and freedom that it offers you. However, beyond the rudimentary knowledge of customization, many are often stymied by the process of online 3D printing service. That is where the service bureaus fit in?! Due to their large order sizes, material options and means of technology, you can explore online 3D printing to all that is available. And more than that, special requirements that originally also demand a constant to-and-fro communication between the consumer and the company, can easily be catered through an online tech. platform.

  2. Additive Manufacturing Expertise:

    No matter how many Google searches you do or how many blogs you read, for the excellence in quality that everyone seeks in 3D printing, only a person with extensive knowledge and endless experience can truly help you achieve and obtain a product that is at par with your expectations. Online 3D Printing service bureaus tend to offer you the simplest way to straight-forward, transparent advice. Whether the questions hail from material dilemmas or production scale queries, Online 3D Printing service platforms like Chizel believe in offering only the very best solutions.

  3. Reduced In-House Overhead:

    It is very easy to visualize yourself owning a 3D printer and printing components on the go from the comfort of your home. However, what most people never tend to take into account is the sheer weight of the overall costs that will grow to be a massive burden on you. Material costs, servicing, software(s), post-printing processing such as finishing and painting, and machine maintenance are simply cast at the back of your mind until it is those very expenses and responsibilities that prove to be more trouble than what they are worth. So why shoulder on the unnecessary stress? Online 3D printing service bureaus offer you a chance to lay back in the previously imagined comforts of your home, and still steer the helm of your 3D printing journey! Be in complete control of the end product- but do it laying back at home.

Chizel is one such company offering Online 3D Printing service and Design for AM consultancy through their online tech. platform – COCO. This platform has redefined the way you would place an order with an online 3D Printing service provider. COCO is akin to an e-commerce for manufacturing, with a clean, simple order and execution process. All one has to do is upload their 3D CAD model(s); select an appropriate material & technology; and they will get real-time quotations and timelines at the click of a button. And then all one has to do is, click on “place an order”! With Chizel’s closely regulated manufacturing partners, the part quality is closely monitored and controlled at each instance.

Online 3D Printing service : A way to ensure better quality
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Online 3D Printing service : A way to ensure better quality
Learn how Online 3D Printing service can ensure better quality in designing prototypes.3D Printing opportunities have evolved and grown exponentially over the recent years, leading to an endless range of possibilities a component can be manufactured in.
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Akshay Singhal
Akshay Singhal
Founder, Log9 Materials
"We are very happy with Chizel's service, especially in terms of quality, precision and time taken. We were able to source the samples within days and carry forward our further tests with ease, all thanks to Chizel."
Saif Shaikh
Saif Shaikh
Head - Hardware Thinkerbell Labs
"Excellent one-stop service for all industrial rapid prototyping requirement.All parts are post-processed ensuring that the dimensional accuracy is well within the tolerance limits"
Aditya Ingalhalikhar
Aditya Ingalhalikhar
CEO, Indius Medical Technologies
"Professionalism, Sound Technical Knowledge and Excellent Customer Service. All credits to the Chizel team with whom we have been working over the past 9 months. They are outstanding manufacturing partners helping us move successfully through the Design Phase."
Prateek Jain
Prateek Jain
Founder, Embryyo Technologies
"Chizel team has been an outstanding partner helping us move successfully through the Design Phase of multiple projects. They, by far, have been the most promising 3D printing guys. Good Luck!"

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