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The technology of three dimensional printing has grown leaps and bounds with time. It is one of the most advanced technologies used in many different fields like food industry, aerospace industry, medical industry, etc. As time has passed, it has become a lot more developed and advanced. The format in which 3D printers recognize and print is called ‘.stl’ format. Just like easy printables that are found for students to print, many designers nowadays post stl files for 3D printing , which are now readily available on the net. Here is a list of cool sites of 3D printing designs , which might be just what you are looking for.

Thingiverse – stl files for 3d printing

Let’s start off with the single biggest 3D content repository of them all: MakerBot’s Thingiverse. Launched in 2008 for the burgeoning and still quite exclusive maker community, Thingiverse has since grown into one of the most important 3D design communities in the world, allowing users of all levels to upload, share and download 3D printable files absolutely free of cost.

In late 2015, Thingiverse reached a mega-milestone, having surpassed one million uploads and 200 million downloads. The site is also well-known for hosting various 3D printing design challenges. And it as plenty of open source 3D printer designs. Whether you are an educator, professional engineer, artist, or casual hobbyist, chances are you’ll find exactly what you are looking for on Thingiverse. [Source]

 YouMagine – stl files for 3d printing

Though significantly smaller than Thingiverse, YouMagine is also powered by a large 3D printer company—in this case, Ultimaker. The 3D content repository features a couple hundred free STL files  for 3D printing, ranging from Ultimaker 2 upgrades to toys and household items and also 3D printer models free. What makes YouMagine stand out is their commitment to protecting their 3D designers. In 2015, the company released a new open source 3D printer designs which are licensed and can be specifically used for the purpose, known as 3 DPL.[Source]

Pinshape – stl files for 3d printing

Pinshape is evolving a community marketplace where designers can flex their creative muscles and makers can create something inspiring in the comfort of their homes and offices. Pinshape encourages an exchange in feedback and knowledge sharing to further 3D printing as a game-changing practice for the future of on-demand manufacturing. Pinshape allows users to explore, share and download high quality 3D printer models for free. [Source]This 3D community marketplace consists of over 55,000 makers and 3D designers and offers both ‘premium’ (paid) STL files and free STL files for 3D printing.

In addition to giving 3D designers the option to sell or share their 3D designs, Pinshape also has a ‘streaming’ option, powered by 3DPrinterOS, that allows users to edit, slice and print a design from the Pinshape platform without actually downloading the design file. This allows designers to protect their source file while still giving fellow makers access to the design. On top of STL, Pinshape supports OBJ files and ZIP files containing those types. Since it is not owned by a 3D printer manufacturer, the site is also ‘hardware neutral’ in terms of support.

My Mini Factory – stl files for 3d printing

MyMiniFactory markets itself as “the world’s largest curated 3D object download platform.” The key word here is curated—that’s because every 3D model uploaded to their repository is carefully selected and then tested by members of the community. If it’s not ‘guaranteed 3D printable’, you won’t find it on My Mini Factory.

The well organized and feature-heavy website offers free access to thousands of 3D printable STL files, and if you can’t find what you are looking for, you can request it from a professional 3D designer. My Mini Factory is managed by iMakr, an online store that sells 3D printers and accessories, and the largest 3D printing store in Central London. [Source]

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