Making models hollow in 3D Printing

One of the most common questions that we encounter is: How to make models hollow in 3D Printing?! So we decided that it was about time we published an article addressing this concern. Models are shelled or made hollow to either reduce the cost of the part, or to reduce… Continue reading

Learn how Support Structures affect the surface finish of a 3D Printed Part

Support structures are generated in part geometries having shallow angles and overhanging features. Support structures, as the name implies, are ancillary geometries necessary to support the main part geometry in order to achieve the desired output of the latter. There are a few technologies in 3D printing viz. Selective Laser… Continue reading

Will Additive Manufacturing replace Subtractive Manufacturing?

Additive Manufacturing(AM) or 3D printing as it is commonly called, is a manufacturing technology wherein parts are fabricated layer by layer. Since the material is added layer by layer, it is called Additive manufacturing. Essentially, you start with nothing and end up building a part bottom up as opposed to… Continue reading

Learn how to use COCO in 5 simple steps

Chizel’s Online Customer Order (COCO) is India’s first smart digital manufacturing platform aimed at making 3D Printing simplified, convenient and accessible to the masses. COCO is a dedicated space for businesses and individuals who want to discover, learn, and participate in 3D Printing related activities and access best-in-class 3D printing… Continue reading

Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Cost in 3D Printing is a major factor influencing people’s decision in opting for a particular material. Like conventional technologies, 3D Printing cost also depends on a number of factors. Some of the major factors are: The type of material and technology chosen The amount of material consumed Total time… Continue reading