Difference between Surface, Solid and Polygon Modeling Software!

Difference between Surface, Solid and Polygon Modeling Software!
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When we talk about 3D Printing, 4D Printing or any other type of technology related to manufacturing, we mention about creating models digitally on our computers. These models that we are referring to are prepared using software and tools that are called as CAD software. CAD stands for Computer Aided Design. As we delve more into this article, we will…

Basic Guidelines for 3D Printed Architectural models

If 3D printing can be used to create customized jewelry, then why not for modern-esque customized architectural structures? Additive manufacturing is stirring within the architectural industry, and creating prototypes has never been easier. For obvious reasons, prototypes are always encouraged; in fact, are often even a necessity for several professionals to understand the practicality, the feel and aesthetic of a…

5 Best 3D CAD softwares for your Architectural models

The foundation of any structure, be it a building, or a bridge, or a shop lies in the proper drawing and design of the construction to be created! In earlier days, when there were no 3D CAD softwares, there would be an array of skilled draftsmen who would generate these designs by hand by spending months on end in creating…

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