3D Printing

Training | Workshops

We have learnt that the 3D Printer is only as good as the input that you give to it. Thus, although having a machine is important, it is incomplete without having a know-how of its applications, materials and more importantly design. We strongly believe that if one could control the design of the part along with the process parameters for the given application, anybody can print a great part.

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Corporates | Enterprises

Design for Additive Manufacturing (3D Printing) empowers engineers and designers to make better, informed decisions related to manufacturing. An in-depth knowledge about 3D Printing can enable organizations to create products that are unique and which can disrupt the industry in unforeseen ways.

Universities | Colleges

3D Printing promotes curiosity, and allows students to think beyond the obvious. They are bestowed with an ability to take an idea and actually see it become a reality. They can apply this learning in their school/college projects and create wonderful products.

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