What is the maximum size of the 3D Printer?
Different materials are fabricated in different machines. Thus, the maximum bed size varies from machine to machine and process to process. The following are the maximum bed sizes depending on the process:
For SLS (Nylon, GF), the maximum bed size is 340*340*600 mm
For SLA (Resins), the maximum bed size is 250*250*250 mm
For FDM (ABS), the maximum bed size is 300*300*300 mm
Can I make parts in Full-color?
There is a Technology in 3D Printing viz. Color Jet Printing which offers full color models. This is the only technology in 3D Printing that offers full-color spectrum. Learn more about Color Jet printing technology.
Can I make transparent parts in 3D Printing?
In Stereolithography (SLA) technology, there is a material called PC-equivalent Plastic in which you can fabricate translucent parts (60-70% transparency). But to make the parts almost fully transparent (90% transparency), there is a post-processing option called Lacquering.
Note: After the parts are lacquered, the parts will be difficult to paint. Thus if your parts require painting,dyeing etc., then lacquering is not an option.
What is 3D Printing?
3D Printing is a manufacturing technology where material gets deposited layer by layer. As opposed to subtractive manufacturing (conventional mfg.) where you start with a chunk of material and machine it to achieve the near net shape, in 3D Printing you start with nothing and end up building the parts bottom-up. Hence 3D Printing is also called as Additive Manufacturing as you add material layer by layer.
How to remove facets from the surface?
Adjust the polygon count while exporting the file from a 3D CAD format to a *.stl format. The higher the number of polygons, fewer the number of facets and better the quality of your *.stl file, but the file size will increase considerably. Different 3D CAD softwares have different settings to adjust the polygon count.
Can multiple materials be 3D Printed at the same time?
There is a technology in 3D Printing called Polyjet in which two or more materials (having different shore hardness values) can be mixed together to achieve a final product having variable shore hardness across the part geometry. We are currently working on integrating orders for this technology on the platform. But for the time being we cater to Polyjet orders offline. To place an order for the same, kindly contact us. Our customer executives will get back to you.
Where does the production take place?
We believe in a distributed manufacturing setup. We have manufacturing partners pan-India, and they adhere to the production timelines and quality standards set by Chizel. We monitor our partners closely so that you never encounter an unpleasant experience.
How can I post-process my parts?
Depending on the material selected, the parts can either be polished, painted or dyed. The suitable post-processing options will be displayed after selecting the material and placing an order.
What is an escape hole?
When parts are made hollow by giving a shell thickness and are fabricated in powder sintering technology, the unsintered powder remains trapped in the model. To remove this powder a cavity (hole) is provided. Such a hole is termed as an escape hole.
How can I design moving parts in my model?
Moving part assemblies can be designed in Nylon and GF material in one go. Know more about how to design moving part assemblies.
How do I know whether my parts are within the tolerance limit?
Once your parts are fabricated, Chizel generates an inspection report with every part. Currently, this facility is only available with a pro-account. Know more on how to avail benefits of a pro-account.
How can I repair my files?
Once you upload the files, Chizel has integrated an auto-repair tool which will repair the loose-shells, inverted triangles and bad meshes in your part geometry. In case, even after auto-repair, the part geometry remains unrepaired due to reasons beyond our control, the same will be notified to you.
The parts that I received are different from the ones that I uploaded?
Kindly drop down an e-mail to support@chizel.io with a scanned copy of the invoice. Our executives will resolve the issue.
What all things should I keep in mind if my parts are critical and functional?
In order to fabricate critical and functional parts, you must take into consideration the tolerances and the post-processing options affecting them. Also, in case of moving parts, the clearance between the members is vital. Know more about design guidelines for critical and functional parts
Who owns the intellectual property rights to my file once I upload them on Chizel's platform?
Your upload's intellectual property remains yours, now and always. When uploading your file to Chizel's website, you can either choose a pro-account while choose to make it public or private:
If you choose to make your file public: you give Chizel a non-exclusive license for your image / file. We then have the right to use the object on our platform and:
- To allow other users to select the file and print it.
- To use the image of your design on our website or a partner's website for promotion.
If you choose to keep your file private: the file will never be used by us in any way other than to manufacture it for you and no picture of the printed object will be divulged.
You can change the status of your file at any time or even erase the file from the catalogue altogether. It's your file after all.
How are you securing my files?
Once you upload the files on Chizel's platform, the files are stored on our server until the manufacturing is complete, after which the files are deleted permanently. Also, once you upload your files, only a few authorized personnel have an access to your files.
Will my files be shared with 3rd party?
Chizel has exclusive tie-ups with its Manufacturing partners. These manufacturing partners are bound by contractual agreements and are closely monitored by Chizel. Non-disclosure is a part of this agreement.
Rest assured that, we take file security very seriously and our manufacturing partners are obligated to do the same!
Can I make parts in Full-color?
There is a technology called Color Jet Printing which offers full color models. This is the only technology in 3D Printing that offers full-color spectrum.
What all materials do you offer?
We are working on getting as many materials on board as possible. As of now, we offer the following materials.
SLS Technology: Nylon, GF
SLA Technology: Resin (PP-like), Resin (PC-like)
FDM Technology: ABS
Do you offer 3D Printing in Metal as well?
Currently we are working on getting the Metal 3D printing services online. But for the time being, we cater to the Metal 3D printing projects offline. For any Metal requirement in 3D Printing, kindly contact us. Our executives will get in touch with you at the earliest.
Can I get free material samples?
Kindly enter your details here.
Note: The samples will be shipped free of cost but you will have to bear the taxation and logistics cost*
How to upload *.obj files with textures?
While uploading the .obj file, a *.mtl file will be generated with it. This *.mtl file has all the information related to colors and textures. While uploading the files, kindly *.zip the files and ensure that the *.obj file, *.mtl file and any texture files or pictures are zipped from one single folder.
What is the percentage of tax levied on my parts?
Depending on the place of supply of goods, the tax (GST) will be levied as follows:
If Place of Supply (where goods are to be delivered) lies outside Maharashtra: 18% IGST
If Place of Supply (where goods are to be delivered) lies within Maharashtra: 9% SGST + 9% CGST
How is the cost of my parts calculated?
The cost of part depends on a lot of factors. Some of the factors are: amount of material consumed, amount of support structures required, manufacturing time, layer thickness and post-processing options chosen.
What forms of payment do you accept?
We accept bank transactions. Once your order is placed and confirmed, our executives will back to you with the payment details and mode of payment.
What is the maximum file size supported on your platform?
The max. file size supported on the platform is 50MB.
What file format should I upload my models in?
We accept models in *.stl and *.obj file formats. To print the models in monochrome, kindly upload the models in *.stl file format. To print the models in full color, kindly upload the models in *.obj file format. While uploading the *obj file, there will be a *.mtl file generated along with it. This *.mtl file has information related to material and textures. So while uploading the *.zip file, kindly ensure that the *.obj and *.mtl files are zipped from the same folder along with any other texture/picture file formats, if necessary. So for color models your *zip file will contain a *.obj file, a *.mtl file and any relevant images of the model, if necessary
What is MOQ?

Just like any other technology, 3D printing too has a certain basic fixed cost associated with running the machine. So when the parts are small and in fewer quantities, the total cost of the order, at times, falls below the threshold of what a minimum order cost should be to run that particular material in a particular machine. In such a scenario, we charge a Minimum Order Quantity(MOQ) costing against the parts.

The MOQ costing for individual materials is as follows:

Technology Material Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
SLS Nylon INR 650/-
Glass-Filled Nylon INR 2000/-
SLA PC-Equivalent Plastic INR 1250/-
PC-Equivalent Plastic INR 1250/-
Process Minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)
Finishing INR 400/-
Painting INR 400/-
Dyeing INR 400/-
Know more about MOQ costing
How do I make payments?
We accept Bank Transfer

We DO NOT accept cash payments!
How can I track my part production and shipment?
As soon as you place an order, you will receive an e-mail from us wherein the part production details along with the shipment tracking details will be furnished.
What are the shipping costs?
Depending on the place of supply and the size of shipment, the shipping costs as levied as actuals.
I am stuck while placing an order
Kindly write to us at support@chizel.io with your exact concern. Our executives will assist you.
The part quality and output is unsatisfactory
Kindly drop down an e-mail to support@chizel.io highlighting your concerns.
I received broken parts.
In case you've received any broken parts, you are entitled to a full refund from Chizel. To report the situation, kindly write to us at support@chizel.io attaching the images of the broken parts along with an image of the invoice.