Vacuum Casting

For small series production of plastic parts with Injection Moulded finish.

Vacuum Casting (VC) is a manufacturing technique used for low volume production of aesthetic and functional parts. Using PU-based materials and silicone molds, Vacuum Casting is known for its fast production of good quality engineering prototypes for end-use applications.

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3D printing service India vacuum casting

The Process

Preparation of a Master Pattern

In VC, a master pattern is made out of 3D Printed Stereolithography (SLA) process. The pattern is then post-processed and inspected before approving it for Silicone molding.
3D printing service India master pattern Preparation

3D printing service India mold making

Making of Mold

A silicone mold is fabricated from this master pattern. The mold is then cut into half and the master pattern is removed to pave way for the casting medium to be filled in the cavity left behind.


The casting medium (molten Plastic or rubber) is then poured in the silicone mold under vacuum and the mold is allowed to cool.
3D printing service India pouring

3D printing service India finishing

Extracting & Finishing

The individual components are then taken out from the mold and are post-processed and cleaned to give them the desired surface finish and quality.

Data That matters

Lead Time

Vacuum Casting is a relatively slower process than 3D printing/ CNC Machining. Average lead time for delivery varies from 7-21 business days.

Minimum wall thickness

To ensure that the mold is filled properly, a wall thickness of at least 1 mm is recommended. For best results, we recommend a wall thickness of at least 1.5 mm.

Batch Size

No. of moulds fabricated out of each pattern can vary from 1-3 nos. For better accuracy, we follow 1 pattern – 1 mould rule. Each mould is capable of producing 15-25 components (depending on the part geometry) before wearing out, eventually.

Expected Tolerance

Since VC is a fairly skilled job, controlling tight tolerances is a bit tricky. We have observed that VC parts usually display accuracies in the range of ± 0.3% (with lower limit on ± 0.3 mm on dimensions smaller than 100 mm). Critical features can later be machined / finished manually to achieve tolerance of ± 0.2 mm or less.

Maximum Part Dimensions

The maximum part size that we can manufacture in VC is 600 x 600 x 600 mm.

Surface Finish

High-quality surface finish comparable to injection molding. Further, Chizel can offer on-demand customized finishing options.

Customers have used VC for

3D printing service India flexible medical part

Flexible Medical parts

3D printing service India iot product

IOT Products

3D printing service India enclosures



Vacuum Casting (VC)
  • - ABS
  • - Nylon
  • - Rubber
  • - PC+ABS
  • - Polypropylene
  • - Transparent
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