Stereolithography (SLA)

For parts requiring good surface finish and dimensional accuracy 

SLA is a 3D Printing technology which makes use of photopolymer resins. It finds application in proof of concept models and automotive styling and designing parts. Despite support structures, SLA parts have a smooth surface finish and good dimensional accuracy. SLA parts are also used as master patterns for Vacuum Casting process.

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3D printing service India sla technology

The Process

CAD Preparation

3D CAD model is designed and exported in *.stl file format to a slicing software where the optimal part orientation is decided, support structures are generated, and the part is sliced into layers.
3D printing service India cad Preparation

3D printing service India 3d printing cad

3D Printing

A UV laser selectively cures a layer of photopolymer resin based on the 3D CAD geometry. The platform is lowered, a new layer of resin is deposited, and the process is repeated until the entire part is fabricated.

Support structure removal

The part is removed from the platform, the excess resin is allowed to drain into the Vat, and the support structures are cleaned.
3D printing service India support removal

3D printing service India heating


The part is then placed in an oven where it is cured. This gives the SLA part its required strength.


Post Curing, the part is polished using a sandpaper to rid any burr marks left from support structure removal.
3D printing service India polishing

Data That matters

Batch Size

All the parts that can be placed in one single horizontal plane on the build platform can be manufactured in SLA. Typically, a SLA build ranges from 1-10 parts.

Layer thickness

The industry standard layer thickness in SLA technology is 100µm which results in parts having geometries that are true to their 3D CADs. A human hair is about 75µm in size.

Lead Time

The lead-time on an average for SLA parts is 3-4 business days. Post-processing (finishing/painting) operations would add additional 1-2 business days to the project timelines.

Maximum Part Dimensions

The maximum part size that we can manufacture in SLA is 250 x 250 x 250 mm.

Surface Finish

Since SLA is a resin-based technology, the parts have an inherent smooth surface finish despite support structure generation.

Post Processing

SLA parts can be easily painted and coated to give them any desired color and finish.

customers have used SLA for

3D printing service India automotive parts

Automotive Styling Parts

3D printing service India end used parts

Proof of Concept/End-use parts

3D printing service India Animation props

Miniature Animation Props


Stereolithography (SLA)
  • - PP-Equivalent
  • - PC-Equivalent
  • - High Temperature
3D printing service India sla technology

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