Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)

For Low Volume Batch Production of small parts in 3D Printing 

SLS is a powder-based 3D Printing technology used for parts having highly complex and intricate geometries. It finds applications in low volume batch production in 3D Printing. Snap-fits and moving-part assemblies can be fabricated in one single go in SLS. SLS is known for its rapid production of fully functional end-use parts.

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The Process

CAD Preparation

3D CAD model is designed and exported in *.stl file format to a software where the optimal part orientation is decided and the entire build is sliced into layers.
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3D printing service India printing-cad file

3D Printing

A laser scans the first layer and selectively sinters the powdered material based on the 3D CAD geometry. A new layer of powder is then deposited onto this layer and the process continuous until entire part is manufactured bottom-up.


The parts are allowed to cool and then taken out of the build. The unsintered powder is then removed and recycled for future use.
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Data That matters

Batch Size

SLS can be used for parts ranging from 1 to 100-200 numbers depending on part size. SLS is economical for Low volume production of small parts (< 100mm).

Layer thickness

The industry standard layer thickness in SLS technology is 100µm which results in parts having geometries that are true to their 3D CADs. A human hair is about 75µm in size.

Lead Time

SLS is a faster process as compared to the other 3D Printing processes. The lead-time for SLS orders is 3-4 business days. Any post-processing (finishing/painting/dyeing) operations would add another 1-2 days to the project timelines.

Maximum Part Dimensions

The maximum part size that we can manufacture in SLS is 340 x 340 x 600 mm.

Surface Finish

Since SLS is a powder-based technology, the parts have an inherent grainy surface finish. The surface finish can be improved by vibratory-polishing the parts.

Post Processing

Owing to the powdery nature of the raw material, painting the SLS parts is a tricky job. Instead, SLS parts are usually dyed. The dye gets absorbed on the surface without leading to any dimensional inaccuracy.

customers have used SLS for

3D printing service India low volume production

Low Volume Production

3D printing service India Engineering

Engineering-grade, functional parts

3D printing service India Packaging components

Packaging components/Enclosures


Selective Laser Sintering (SLS)
  • - Nylon
  • - Glass-Filled Nylon
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