Team Chizel

Building sustainable, thoughtful, and differentiated products
We offer a one-stop solution for on-demand manufacturing in broad range of processes like 3D Printing, CNC, Vacuum Casting in diverse material range. Our online platform ‘COCO’ allows you to get instant quotes and timelines at the click of a button

We are a group of highly passionate individuals and believers driven by a common vision to create products that augment experiences and humanize values. We work hard everyday to create a significant impact in the lives of our customers, employees and humanity, in general.

Our thought process is driven by the virtue of being unique, and being the best in what we do. We believe in creating products that are unparalled, and tapping markets where few exist, which means less competition and high risk. Our risk taking appetite ensures that we always bring something valuable to the table.

What are we building?

To put it simply, we are bringing Manufacturing on Cloud. In an era where every service and product is a click away, we have observed that manufacturing processes are still executed in a very primitive manner.

On-demand Manufacturing is highly disintegrated from technology. Our users have to struggle with numerous vendors to get things manufactured on-demand. The usual order size being invariably very small, a typical user has to struggle in finding the right vendor, right machines, and has to check material availability, coupled with never ending negotiations on costing and unpredictable project timelines. More importantly, its difficult to select the right manufacturing process to build a custom part, unless you are a trained professional.

But with our smart manufacturing platform - COCO - which is specially built for designers and engineers, we aim to make on-demand manufacturing convenient and accessible so that the entire process becomes hassle-free. We are combining advanced manufacturing, cloud computation, and data analytics to convert COCO into a robust Manufacturing enterprise software.

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We Believe in Heart Count not Head Count

Our Team Members who have contributed immensely to our Growth
3D printing service India Yash rane

Yash Rane

Director, Product & Business Development

Yash Rane is an engineer turned marketer leading Sales and Product Development at Chizel. His graduation stint from IIT Roorkee acquainted him with Product design and also made him resilient towards working long hours. He has worked for Behr GmbH in Pune handling new product development for a year. When not working, you will see him listening to electronic music and sharing Apple’s philosophies.

3D printing service India Ravi Ranjan

Ravi Ranjan

Director, Operations & Supply Chain

Ravi is a manufacturing enthusiast who believes in the power of creation. Prior to founding Chizel, he has worked briefly with Reliance Industries. Highly inspired by the innovative things being designed around the world every day and addressing day to day challenges, through Chizel and 3D Printing, he is trying to make a small contribution towards the same.

3D printing service India Gauresh Khanolkar

Gauresh Khanolkar

Head-Design, Additive Manufacturing

Gauresh has been associated with Chizel right from its early days. This NIT Rourkela alumnus currently heads Design, R&D and drives Innovation at Chizel. He also contributes in writing technical blogs for them. Gauresh is an ardent football fan, and a passionate soul that pours his heart into everything he does.

3D printing service India Vedant Kulshrestha

Vedant Kulshrestha

Associate, Customer Relationship & Operations

Vedant Kulshrestha is a Mechanical engineer with an inherent management attitude. His subsequent roles in different organizations have made him professional and diligent towards work that ensures smooth flow of every part 3D Printed at Chizel. When he leaves office early, which is very unlikely, he loves spending time with friends narrating stories and anecdotes.

3D printing service India Mandeep Singh

Mandeep Singh

Front End Developer

Driven by passion, accelerated by recognition, Mandeep is the force behind the artistic and meticulous touch given to This AIT alumnus has given special attention to detailing that truly aligns with Chizel’s vision.

3D printing service India Jayant Pai

Jayant Pai

Adviser – Technology

Jayant has over 20 years of experience in building enterprise solutions in numerous business domains like Insurance, Healthcare, Finance, Pharmaceutical, etc. His expertise spans a unique combination of applying natural language techniques to object oriented methodologies to build robust transaction system solutions. He has a MS degree in Computer Science from Syracuse University, New York.